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Support our Humanitarian Efforts for all those affected by the October 7th attacks in Israel 

The story of Camille Jesalva touched all of our hearts.


Camille is a hero, an angel, a modern day Righteous Among The Nations.


Camille is a 31 year old Filipina, who is living in Israel caring for 95 year old Nitza Hefetz.


When the Hamas / ISIS terrorists broke into Kibbutz Nira on October 7th, they like everyone else woke up in fear to the sounds of gunshots and brutal violence. 


Camille, who previously worked in Dubai heard the terrorists outside speaking Arabic and rushed to get Nitza to the bomb shelter, she was not quick enough and Hamas / ISIS terrorists had entered their home. 


Without any hesitation, Camille opened her purse and took out all the money she had been saving for her son in the Philippines, around 1,500 shekels (about 370 USD) which she planned to give to her family. She was planning to fly to see him just two days later, she pleaded with them, "Take everything, just don't take the flight ticket. She's an old woman and doesn't understand what's happening. Take the money and go."


They left. 


Camille laid down with Nitza to calm her and give her comfort and waited with her for over 2.5 hours until the IDF arrived and took them to safety.


Camille cancelled her flight, refusing to leave Nitza during this hard time.


Camille undoubtedly saved Nitza’s life. She is truly a hero.


At ‘From The Depths’ we have been working with Holocaust Education for over 10 years, meeting with survivors and supporting the last living Righteous Among The Nations, non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. Camille is truly a modern day Righteous, risking her life to save Nitza.


We have set up this campaign to repay our debt to Camille, to return the money she lost, and a lot more, to enable her to provide for her 7 year old son and to show our gratitude.


We will also be using these funds to support others affected by the Hamas-ISIS terror attacks on October 7th 2023, to do what we can to bring them a little relief and light in the darkest times. 

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