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Campaign supporting all those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, including the Last Living Righteous Among the Nations

Since Russia started its full invasion of Ukraine, millions of lives have been put at risk. From The Depths is working every day to support people affected by this terrible situation.


From The Depths had already been providing ongoing support to the last 17 living Righteous Among the Nations, all in their late 80s and 90s, spread throughout Ukraine. These Righteous are the remarkable people who risked their lives to save their Jewish neighbours just 80 years ago. Their financial situation has always been difficult, but with the outbreak of war it is even harder. We must help those who helped us, and now is the time to do so!


However, there are now millions of other Ukrainians having to flee and leave their homes and all of their possessions behind.


With so much fear and uncertainty, we must do all we can to provide as much help and support as possible for those who need it. We are providing transport, clothes, food, shopping, wherever we can.


Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates every day on how your donations are going to people most in need.

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