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The Matzeva Project

"For the dead and the living, we must bear witness" - Elie Wiesel

Channel 2 travelled to Poland to document the work of the Matzeva Project
(english subs)

The Matzeva Project, is being carried out under the umbrella of ‘From The Depths’ an Israeli, United States and Polish non-profit, non-governmental institution, which aims to help preserve over 1200 Jewish Cemeteries and millions of Matzevas (Tombstones) in Poland.


The project will uncover matzevas and find Jewish stories often hidden in structures of towns and villages, they will be brought to light and presented to those who may be culturally aware and also to those who may not be, due to age, origin or other reasons. The majority of the 1200 old Jewish Cemeteries in Poland have been destroyed, neglected and forgotten. However beneath the ruble of memory, often times, old Matzevas, Tombstones still exist.


For more information, please visit the Project Matzeva website

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