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// Connecting with the Past to build the Future

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"You must be the witness of witnesses"
Elie Wiesel


What is "From the Depths"?​


"...From the Depths I call out to you..."

                - Psalms 130:1


From the Depths was set up to bridge the past to the future.​ The past has brought some tremendously dark and difficult times. However, rather than forget these diffcult times we must learn from the past in order to shape and build a better future. 


What does "From the Depths" do? 


From the Depths aims to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and to give a name to those who were brutally murdered in the dark days of the Holocaust and to continue the message to the next generations of those who survived. 


From the Depths works with Holocaust survivors from around the world and with Jewish communities particularly in Eastern Europe.


Who is behind "From the Depths"? 


From the Depths was set up by descendants of Holocaust survivors to ensure that the memories of their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lives on. 


Founder and Executive Director Jonny Daniels has worked with numerous non-profit organisations, governments from around the world, as well as key media figures to promote and publicize various campaigns. 




Why is "From the Depths" unique?​


From the Depths is unqiue in the approach it gives to Holocaust memorial and preservation. From organising breakthrough events and initiatives around the world to raising awareness worldwide, "From the Depths" is intent on connecting the past to build the future and understand that we cannot afford to cut any corners with this incredibly important task. 


How can I support "From the Depths"? 


From the Depths needs you! We are in constant need of volunteers to help us with our mission. For more information please email: 


From the Depths has partnered with the Giving Back Fund in order to  enable our supporters to control and manage their giving, maximise their tax returns and save time and hassle.


It is also possible to donate via Paypal. For more details click here

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